About Us

Societal pressures cause us to be people pleasers instead of purpose chasers.

Rebelious is an online fitness apparel brand founded in 2020. The name Rebelious is a combination of the word “rebel” and the last name of our CEO, Maya Elious. 

As a Believer, first generation American, and woman in a patriarchal society, Maya grew up knowing that there were certain expectations of how she “should” act in order to be successful.  She worked hard to be accepted by the world and tried to mold herself into the expectations of “should” even when it felt misaligned with her Intuition.

One of her most Rebelious acts to date was dropping out of college to pursue entrepreneurship at 23. It was a decision that made others uncomfortable but honored her Intuition. She built a brand serving over 50,000 women online and grew her first company to 7-figures by the age of 30... all because she stopped listening to the voices of “should”.

There are so many things people will tell you that you SHOULD do.

You should look like this.
You should dress like that.
You should stay here.
You should go there.

A lot of these “shoulds” are rooted in society’s obsession with perfection. Unfortunately for society, people are imperfect. When we abide by these “shoulds”, we’re left with a bunch of people performing instead of simply being.

The most Rebelious act is simply being who you feel called to be despite what society may think.

No performance. No perfection. Just purpose.

In this world, you will be judged and disliked for many things… mostly for being yourself.

Be you anyway.
Be confident anyway.
Be Rebelious.